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Another day, another financial crisis.

I’m normally one to handle my own messes and only call for help when time is almost up.  But at my husband’s behest I’ve decided to call for help now.

We aren’t rich and are often struggling to make ends meet like most of this country (and the world, really).  I’ve been trying to become a transcriptionist at home to help supplement our income, but I’m still in line (and will be for the next 90 days) for the test.

Now, I don’t simply expect a handout.  No.  I fully intend to do something for those who help in return.  Obviously, I’m not a rich person, so whatever goods that will be exchanged for your generosity will have to be digital — as in icons, graphics, etc.  If it’s within my skill set, I will do it.

If you’re able and want to help us, please drop me a message.  Thank you.

P.S.: For those of you who would prefer something ‘physical’ for your help, I do have an Ebay store.  Currently, I’m selling DC and LOTR related items.

P.P.S.: Here’s a link to all of the icons I’ve made, so far.  I am willing to icon cartoon/comic book characters as well as live-action FCs.

P.P.P.S.: If you’re interested in audiobooks, my husband and I have a MASSIVE collection and would be willing to send you anything (or everything) included in it.  For example: Anita Blake (we only have first 5 right now), The Hollows (1-10), The Legend of Drizzt (1-19), etc.

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